Monthly Archives: April 2013

Little Paco Gets a Big Fence!

Paco is a Chihuahua with a great family that needed some help in letting him stretch his tiny legs a bit more and Fences for Fido of course took up his cause. Now he has a great yard that he can actually explore instead of staying leashed up on the porch. These are some Blinker […]

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Project 52, Tryptych

This week’s Project 52 was right up my alley because I love making dyptych and tryptychs, kudos to Sharon Stokes Photography for thinking it up! Bella is the special guest star and she will definitely be making a return to the blog soon with a proper session featuring her mom and dad. In real life […]

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The Importance of Dog Dental Health

I’m writing this more as a pet parent than pet photographer, but since I’ve gotten Tilly’s teeth cleaned several times now I wanted to share what I’ve learned and help educate other people. Based purely on anecdotal evidence, I think a lot of pet owners aren’t really thinking about dental care until there’s a problem. […]

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