Blinker Art Show and Raffle for Free Session at Meat on Burnside!

Blinker is super excited to have an art show up at the amazing pet boutique, Meat For Cats and Dogs! If you haven’t visited the store before, you should definitely get over there before they move to their new building across the street in a few months (although the new store is going to be awesome and way bigger). Meat specializes in raw food supplies and high quality treats and toys. Heidi and her team are the best – your pups will definitely agree.

While you go load up on treats please enter the raffle for a free session! The art show will be up until August, or possibly a little longer. Check it out!






Piper, Greyhound Gentleman

Greyhounds are such an interesting breed to me so I was very excited to photograph Piper…and he didn’t disappoint! He is a great ambassador of his breed and is actually a mentor to other greyhounds that are making the transition from racing to loving homes. What a guy! I love his brindle color and I have to say he has the softest coat ever, which he is happy to let you admire. Such a sweetheart that just wants love and treats…lot’s of treats please.

Leroy, A Good Boy and Good Friend!

Leroy had a few homes before he found his forever family, but as you can see it’s not for lack of personality on his part! I have heard rumors of amazing people that go into dog shelters and purposely adopt the oldest dogs but I hadn’t met one until Leroy’s mom. How awesome is that? Amazing! Now Leroy is 10 and has settled into a great home (with a slightly older grouchy sister). He’s got it made and I think you can tell that he knows it! Good boy Leroy.

Little Paco Gets a Big Fence!

Paco is a Chihuahua with a great family that needed some help in letting him stretch his tiny legs a bit more and Fences for Fido of course took up his cause. Now he has a great yard that he can actually explore instead of staying leashed up on the porch. These are some Blinker photos from his big day…

Portland Animal Rescue

Paco had actually been neutered the day before (hence the cone in some of his pictures) and he was not feeling to great, but as you can see he still lit up once it was time for the big reveal! Tonight is the biggest annual fundraiser, the Fences for Fido Gala at the very cool event space Castaway. If you have tickets, please bid on the Blinker donated session and wall art in the silent auction! I really love supporting the good work of Fences because it’s such a simple idea that brings about an incredible change in quality of life for those unfortunate dogs kept on chains.

Project 52, Tryptych

This week’s Project 52 was right up my alley because I love making dyptych and tryptychs, kudos to Sharon Stokes Photography for thinking it up! Bella is the special guest star and she will definitely be making a return to the blog soon with a proper session featuring her mom and dad. In real life Bella kind of reminds me of a slinky jaguar a bit in the way she walks. Looking at her photos though I’m more inclined to go with a deer. Either way she is most endearing and I can attest to what an awesome dog she is, just look at that smile! Also just look at how gorgeous Portland was last weekend! Sunny springtime, if you are reading please come back…

Spring is in bloom!

Project 52 is an international pet photography challenge that chooses a weekly theme to shoot. Please visit the fabulous Barking Lab Studio, Princeton New Jersey dog photography and follow the blog links until you get back to Blinker Photography to see everyone who participated.